Changing lifestyles in emerging economies like Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC) also make these countries potential and huge markets for weight loss products.

In today's trend of looking for instant solutions to weight-loss programmes, there is a huge market for anti-obesity drugs world over. However, above facts reveals the reality that popping a pill to shed those extra kilos can turn into a nightmare for our body posing major threat for drug makers to realize the actual market potential for anti - obesity drugs.

Much as these promising figures indicate that the obesity drugs market should be on a radical growth path, the reality is quite contrary. The fact is that the market for weight loss drugs has failed to match this growth. Some of the major threats being

According to recent news reports, based on laboratory testing the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has warned consumers not to use a certain brand of weight loss pills that claims to be "100% herbal" and has warned that such 'slimming pills' contain a dangerous stimulant. While this is recent news, in the past, there have been other instances of banning of anti-obesity drugs world over. Some of them are:

Close on the heels of the US and Canadian markets withdrawing some Indian manufactured anti-obesity drugs in October last year, the Indian Health Ministry has realized the side-effects of these commonly used slimming drugs. And soon, it has been reported that theseanti-obesity drugs, which are being marketed by close to 12 pharma companies and sold under brand names such as Reductil, Meridia and Sibutrex, might be banned.

The regulatory agency, FDA also warned that some of the other symptoms of side effects of such drugs are anxiety, insomnia, high blood pressure, nausea etc. Sibutramine not only poses risks especially to people with cardiovascular conditions, but also to healthy people who take the amount of sibutramine found in anti obesity pills.

Statistics indicates that by 2012 more than two billion people will be overweight and 600 million will be obese. And, the biggest market for weight loss drugs is the United States, where 6% of the population is either overweight or obese. The UK and other European countries come next.