In traditional eastern medicine, one herb is considered as the "Miraculous King of All Herbs." It is known in almost every part of Asia and has been recognized for its numerous health benefits - Ganoderma Lucidum, also called Lingzhi in China, Reishi in Japan and Yeongji in Korea. Ganoderma is a medicinal mushroom commonly recommended by ancient eastern doctors for the treatment of different illnesses. It enjoys a high regard in Asia and is one of the oldest herbs used in traditional Chinese medicine.

The earliest documented use of gano dates back to almost 4,000 years. Back then, this herb is considered not just as an alternative treatment but also a way of spiritual cleansing. It is the Elixir of Life that the ancient rulers of the East coveted. Furthermore, many accounts point to it as the "mushroom of immortality," which has gained much popularity in the whole of Asia.

The legend of this herb is said to begin during the reign of the first Emperor of the Chin Dynasty. He sent five hundred couples of beautiful men and women in search for this legendary herb on a mysterious island. The mythical herb is said to possess medicinal values that will give him eternal life. However, to his dismay, his troop never came back. Some believe that these troop where the first settlers o Japan.

Western society has varying opinions about the use of herbal supplements. Some are on its favor while others are not. The current clamor for alternative medicine, has slowly given ganoderma a fresh start in the western medicine. In the recent years, it has emerged as a partner of modern medicine in the treatment of different health conditions. The recognition of ganoderma in modern medicine is due to its health benefits. In fact, this herb has been included in the American Herbal Pharmacopeia and Therapeutic Compendium which acknowledges the claims that traditional Chinese medicine has long proven.

Ganoderma Lucidum is very rare mushroom specie which grows only in a specifically conducive environment. This is particularly found in places where there is proper nutrient and the climate is cold enough to permit fungal growth. The conditions in Asia, especially the dense wooden forests, highly humid, abundant source of dried trees and dim lighting, are perfect for the growth of this mushroom. However, finding one would be very challenging. This has made it a Holy Grail for the ancient Eastern medicine. Present studies confirm this fact, as they have found out that only 2 to 3 Ganoderma mushrooms will grow out 10,000 dried tree trunks. That's almost as rare as the rainfall during summertime.

Today, modern science has allowed simulation of these environmental factors thus finding ganoderma is not that difficult. In fact, you can take it every day in any form you want. There are the coffee, tea, capsule, pills, and tablet forms which pack in all the benefits that ganoderma offers. How lucky we are today, in the past, emperors have to send troops to find this miraculous herb but nowadays it has become easily accessible for us. Being healthy and living happy is just within our reach.