While it is always easier said than done, there are realistic things you can do to prevent your child from becoming overweight. In order to keep your children from falling prey to obesity, you must be involved in their decision making when it comes to meals and snack. Parents are the number one most influential thing in a child life. Without your input, your children are left to fend for themselves and often times are influenced by their friends or television. Here are some tips on how you can help your child to maintain a healthy weight:

Limit TV/computer time to no more than 1 hour a day.

Wash and cut up fruits and vegetables to have on hand for snacking.

Don't buy drinks high in sugar. Encourage them to drink water or fruit juices.

Turn the TV off and eat dinner together at a table.

Let your children help prepare the meals.

Pack your child's lunches for school along with a prepared afternoon snack.

Meet at the park to play ball or just go for a walk together.

Don't be afraid to tell your child no for the sake of their health.

Another way to improve your child's health habits is to lead by example. Children often times will unintentionally follow in the footsteps of their parents habits. If you eat junk food, they eat junk food. If you watch what you eat, they will at least stop and question what they're eating. You could make it a fun project for the whole family to do a complete overhaul on your activity and eating habits. Allow every member in the family to give his or her input on the matter and praise their ideas. It may seem awkward and unfamiliar at first, but it will become habit after time.